Project SHARE

Bog Stream remnant dam removal

December 12, 2013

Earlier this summer, SHARE spent some time working to remove a dam on Bog Stream. The dam was causing a significant impoundment, blocking fish passage, and raising temperatures.

Unlike most of the remnant dams SHARE has removed, this one was constructed from concrete. With (lots) of help from Hanscom’s we were able to get rid of the entirely of the dam in just about a week. We’ve allowed Bog stream to revert to it’s natural hydrology, which bodes well for the native species that we hope will recolonize whe impoundment.

The project was brought to SHARE’s attention by a representative of the landowner who acquired the dam as part of a recent land purchase. The land owner had no use for the dam or the reservoir associated with it.

Funding for the project was provided by The GOMC/NOAA Habitat Restoration Partnership Grant and a matching grant from The Nature Conservancy.

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